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My Mid-20s Book Life Crisis

31 Jul

Hello world!

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked….I am ever so sorry and I am sure you want to put me in the Bad Blogger of the Year category, to be honest, I probably deserve it. So let’s take a moment to imagine me in blogger purgatory for a min:

box of shame

*end moment*

Great, now that we have that out of the way let’s move on, shall we?

I’ve been doing some soul searching of late since I am getting married in a few months and am gagging on my *gasp* almost late 20s status. Since when did I graduate high school almost 10 years ago? Why are my friends getting pregnant ON PURPOSE? Whoa, whoa, you bought a house? WTF! And worst of all, it’s been YEARS since I’ve gotten shamefully drunk which, above all else, shows my age.

To learn and respect one’s own alcohol tolerance is a sure sign of age.

feel these things

I am bringing up these sad, adult-life points because it’s made me realize I have come to a turning point. I’m adulting every day now. Vacuuming the house 4 times a week because, ew, husky fur and wood floors DO NOT mix well. I have a well organized filing system with my bills and vet vaccinations and I have a fireproof safe for all my important legal documents. Since when did I start caring about legal anything?

And since when did I stop loving YA novels?

Since I started adulting every day it would seem. Now, let me just say that I still love me some YA-fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, stories. But I am MUCH pickier about which one’s a choose to spend my time with. I don’t just grab the HOT HOT author’s anymore and don’t force myself to finish books I know I won’t enjoy. My time has become precious and and more valuable and thus the books I read now must have a higher caliber.

My life has revolved around reading and books since I was just a wee one and my passion for them has only grown with age. The simplicity of reading a great book is the most complicated love story one can ever experience. A great book can change you, mold you, inspire you to BE things and DO things and WANT things. A good story takes you on an adventure and when you come back to reality you aren’t the same person you were before. You’ve lived whole lives while you’ve been away. You know joy, love, death, heartache differently now.

And that, I think, is the point of this post. I love who I am and I want to experience that change when you shut the pages. But now I want a different journey. I want books that compel me differently than they did 2 years ago because that me saw the world differently. I know love, I know heartache, I know joy and passion and jealousy. I don’t want a 17-year-old to tell me about how wrenched she was when her insta-love banged another girl. I don’t care to listen to a 15-year-old’s love triangle dilemmas. I want something more. Something deeper, something that speaks to me now, as an adult.

Let’s just pump the breaks for just a minute. Now DO NOT think I am bashing YA books in any way because damn, I will still read the shit of out a good YA author (Hey Sarah J Maas!). And in no way am I turning my backs on Young Adult books forever. I just think for now, I want to expand my reading genre a bit and get to know adult fiction a little more.

I just think I am growing up a bit. That’s all.

So, in conclusion, I may not post a lot anymore (because shit, I AM an ADULT!) but when I do, you may see different kinds of books on here now. A little more complex, a little more… something.

So join me, if you want to, and let’s go get our adult fiction on!!


(BTWs, I am not that grown up because I am having a Harry Potter themed Wedding Shower!! #hellsya)

Wine and Women Wednesday – Which YA #WCWs would actually make awful #WCWs

21 Aug


On the Menu: Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend 2012

Description: This is my all-time favorite wine. I drink it whenever I feel like drinking and on any an all occasions. Am I sad? Apothic. Am I happy? Apothic. Am I lazy and just want to get a little buzz? Apothic. It’s a beatiful blend of a Zin, Merlot, Syrah and Cab. (seriously, all those nummies in one bottle?! HELLO!). And since this week I am talking about crushes, it is only appropriate I show everyone my wine crush as well.

Alright so I am a little rusty at W&W Wednesday because it’s been a minute since I did one. But lets jump right in and get to the nitty gritty shall we?

Which YA #WCWs would actually make awful #WCW

We all know that hashtags are the “thing” nowadays and we are ALL guilty of at least doing one of the following: #mcm, #wcw or #tbt. (For those living on the moon and have no idea what I am talking about… 1.) Come back to Earth please and 2.) #mcm = Man Crush Monday, #wcw = Woman Crush Wednesday, and #tbt means Throwback Thursday.) I am an offender of both #mcm and #tbt but have never actually done a #wcw. Should be #wcw be like, my bffl? or should it be the person I would most likely wanna go lesibhonest with? I can’t win that debate with myself which is why I’ve never done it. But I got to thinking who my #wcw would be in the YA genre. Would I choose Celeana Sardothien because she is a smexy little badass or Linh Cinder because that would be quite an experience? Would I chose Evie Green because girls got mad skills or Elina from Fire and Thorns because she is just a damn nice person?  So because I try to keep my blog PG13, I am going to say this week’s #wcw is all about who would I want to be friends with the most in the YA world. But the more and more I thought about it, the more I kept thinking that all my #wcws have their faults. So I present to you my top five #WCW who would actually make awful #WCW.

*WARNING WARNING WARNING* There are some spoilers in this post so if you have not read all of these books tread lightly.


5.) America Singer from The Selection

The Good: Although America ends up getting everything she ever wanted, she had to work hard and make sacrifices to get there which is an endearing quality in my mind. She seems like she would be a killer party guest and a great friend for gossiping with.

The Bad: Because she’s a princess and will eventually be a queen, we would NEVER get an privacy. And she is waaaay too headstrong for me. If she doesn’t agree with something you say she will literally call you out on live television to get her way. Not cool.

4.) Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments

The Good: Clary is a badass and could save you from a lot of shit. She’s got some sweet hookups and hottie friends. I would love to just go to her little coffee house and get a half caf with her and listen to some poetry readings.

The Bad: Girl has some SERIOUS issues. Family drama and friend drama alike. Not only that but she will chose bros over hoes any day and will stop at nothing to get with her boyfriend which is a slight bit pathetic.

3.) Cinder Linh from the Lunar Chronicles

The Good: Cinder has skills when it comes to fixing things and she’s charmingly shy and sweet. I like that she is different and quirky and is a CYBORG! I want a cyborg friend!

The Bad: Although shy is good, meek is not. And Cinder hovers the line between shy and meek a little too much for my taste. Plus, I do not want to get on the bad side of the Lunar Queen because I do not wanna get killed. Sorry, Cin.

2.) Alina from The Grisha

The Good: I will never ever be cold or scared of the dark. And Alina is fiercely loyal to her homies which is much needed for any lasting friendship.

The Bad: She is a bit crazy. And ridiculously power-hungry no matter how she tries to hide it. Surrounding myself with someone who has that much naked ambitous is not smart. Not only that, but her friends have a tendency of dying. Which I am not cool with.

1.) Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass

The Good: She is witty, sarcastic, loves to read and is loyal to her friends. I would want to drink with her, read books with her and play chess with her all day, every day.

The Bad: She likes to work out a lot and I am so not ok with that. See these spindly arms? Yeah, I like them.

I’m back!

21 Jan

Hello hello to all my long lost readers out there!

I can’t say how sorry I am for being away for so terribly long. It really makes me sad.


But, I do have a few excuses! So hear me out k?

1.) I moved to a new state

2.) I moved in with the BF

3.) I got a new job (which required me to work weekends, over the holidays, my birthday.. wah)

4.) I got a puppy

5.) The holidays happened.

So those are my excuses and I am stickin’ to them. But I promise promise that I am back and will try to get caught up on all the bookies I  have read. Also, I need to get my Best of 2013 blog out… *sighs*

But, life is a settled (as settled as it can be) and now I am back and ready to roll!



8 Feb

I’ve never reblogged a post before but this was too hilarious not to share with you all. Especially since I used to have life size posters of Legolas in my room… *sigh*

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