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The Selection by Kiera Cass

26 Nov


Book One of The Selection Series

Rating: Five out of Five Stars

I love you. I love this book. It is amazing. The end.

In the words of my mother, “This book is Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.” UH HELLO! Greatest description ever.

The Selection is, by far, one of my greatest guilty pleasures in a long long time. I like to stick with fluff books for what fluff books are. You know the kind, tidy little happy ending books you read when you just get done with intense books like The Maze Runner series or Birthmarked? Well that was what I was planning this book to be. I needed a break. But oh heavens above! did I fall in love with this series! It has romance, action, drama, mystery. I cannot even TELL you how obsessed with this story I am.

It has an interesting twist on the post apocalyptic plot which I AHdore. And what’s amazing about this book is that Kiera Cass creates unique and believable characters. I was worried that Prince Maxon was going to end up like Leland in Wither, sweet and charming but naive and happy to be oblivious. But he isn’t and it’s sooo nice to have a romance be, oh I don’t know, DEVELOPED in a YA novel. It does have the Almighty Love Triangle, but it’s not overpowering or overshadowing so it doesn’t make it as annoying as it usually is.

Gag me with my amount of flattery right now but I can’t help it. I love me some princes, dystopia, and realistic heroines. Any girly girl will LOVE this book. And, like me, give it to your mom to read! It’s nice to throw them some bomb YA novels once in a while.


Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

21 Nov

Book One of Leviathan Series

Rating: Three out of Five Stars

I am a huge Scott Westerfeld fan after the Uglies series. It’s on my “Ultimate Top Favorite Series” list so I thought I would push my boundaries a little bit with a an author I enjoy. So cheers to me for frolicking into the meadow of steam-punk land hand in hand with my good friend Scotty! Whoo!

Unfortunately, I was kind of punched in the face by a meadow tiger with this book. I hadn’t really done any research on steam punk before but I figured “how different could it be?”. Being a SciFi, fantasy, dystopia, post-apocolyptic genre lover I talk A LOT about WSOD (Willing Suspension of Disbelief). For those that don’t know what it means, it’s basically how far can an author push a made-up world/plot in story before your brain goes “this is too surreal for me to enjoy”. Leviathan exploded my WSOD. The concepts were just too crazy for my meek mind to handle. The only way I had any idea what was happening was because of the pictures that Westerfeld inserted into the chapters. I read a lot of crazy shit, dragons that talk, mind magic, hell I love the batshit crazy world of Alice in Wonderland! But this history meets furturistic technology, Darwin meets Apple, Inc. Holy crap balls, what a ride.

Needless to stay, I like to be punched once in awhile. It’s the only way to learn and grow and all that jazzy jazz. I like the overall plot and characters, even though it was all a tich bit Bourne Identity-ish (they NEVER get hurt? WTH!) and happenstance may be a little TOO coincidental.

If you are looking at moving into steam punk, this a good book to ease into. I will read the rest of the series eventually, but I think I need to get my bearings again, do a little research so I can comprehend the basics so that next time I will enjoy it and not play catch up the whole time.

So while frolicking may not have happened, I tripped and stumbled into a quite enjoyable genre, once I have background. Snaps for new books!

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

19 Nov


Rating: Three out of Five Stars

Neil Neil Neil… the things you do to me.

My first experience with Mr. Gaiman was with Stardust. And much like my reaction to Stardust, Neverwhere completely and effectively Blew. My. Mind. I read so many YA novels when I experience a story as well written, intensely thought out and completely unique as this, my small, unfed mind can’t handle the awesomeness. It over powers me.

Basically what I am saying is that once again, Neil Gaiman creates a wonderfully different book. He has perfected the balance between WSOD and fantasy. He creates such a real picture that is so logical and yet completely absurd. Much like the other books I have read of his, I feel like the whole story I am bumping into everything in a pitch black room and then once the story ends, the light turns on and I realize that oh, this is my own damn bedroom. It suddenly all makes sense. I constantly feel I am being tossed in a hail storm of confusion but I am so ingrained into the story I just can’t stop reading and then “LIGHTBULB” it all makes sense.

I do feel like the lack of romance in this story is a detriment. He tempts and tickles us with the briefest moments of a swoonworthy story line but never gives us the whole shabang. I mean come on man! I just want a little love action!

Neverwhere is a GREAT book for fantasy lovers, especially those who enjoy urban fantasies. And I would encourage all my YA-loving friends to read this and get a dose of a truly magnificent writer.

And so it begins…

30 Oct

Hello my name is Sydney and I am a bookaholic.

Every child has a fantasy about what they will be when they grow up. It’s the sweet and romantic idea of the innocent mind; a firefighter, a ballerina, an actor. The most popular Halloween costumes when you are 4 are the most illogical careers when you are 23. But, being a romantic and fairytale lover, I still believe  at 23 you can become your 4-year-old ideal. Thus, this blog was created.

My fantasy was to be a writer. A grand creator of stories and worlds people could lose themselves in. A wonderful visionary that wove ideas, logic, dreams, fantasy, fiction and reality into a Narnia-like land that people wanted to crawl into and stay for a while when they needed vacations from their own thoughts. I wanted to create the vehicle that carried people to self-realization and worldy understanding. I wanted to be C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain. I wanted to solve problems and give shy girls confidence. I wanted… I wanted…

I wanted the world like every child does. And as I grew up I started to write short stories and essays that were praised by my English teachers (although awfully marked up with red pen due to my unique lack of spelling ability) but I could never push myself farther. I was a dreamer, for sure, but I was afraid and lacked confidence and my self-diagnosed ADD was my crutch to which I blamed my unfinished stories on. And so veering from my author path, I went to college and became an Event Planner. (And I capitalize that because I feel like I should at least celebrate my runner-up career, because it’s still pret-tay awesome.) Now, one year out of school, I have just gotten a promotion and a raise and while I should be shouting from peaks of Success Mountain, I am still achingly yearning to be a writer.

So here I am at 23, attempting to follow my dreams of being a writer… by becoming a blogger. But not just any blogger, a book review blogger. Because I cannot write, I read. And so I shall read, review, and write about my journeys into other people’s books until someday when I will create my own. I hope you will read what I write, critique my critiques, comment and advise me on what I can do better so that when my grand story finally manifests itself in my mind, I can have plenty of readers to review my work.

I thank you for joining my journey to my dreams. I hope that you will read the books I review because while not all will get my 5 star rating, every character, every world, every story has something to teach and will influence us in different ways. I value diversity of opinions and friendly discussions about differences will only make my story shine a little brighter (when I actually write it).

“You could rattle the stars,” she whispered. “You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.” – Sara J. Maas, Throne of Glass

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