Black Helicopters by Blythe Woolston

30 May


Rating: Four out of Five Starts

This book… this book is… is…. stunning.

Or as I said when I was 50 pages in “Holy shiznat, friends. This book is breathtaking in it’s simplicity and intensity.”

Black Helicopters is probably the most captivating book I’ve read in a looong looong time. Now I’ve read decent books lately, but they are my typical genre YA fantasy/dystopia books. This book is neither and yet it will appeal to ANYONE who likes to read those. Keeping in mind that this is a dark book though!  I am really struggling trying to write a proper review because I cannot capture the essence of this short story because it’s so… different? It’s pure and raw and graphic and its sooo emotional but it has the least emotional pro-tag I’ve ever read. It’s gritty and mind-boggling and twisted because the “bad guy” is our hero in the story. The warped, off-kilter villains we always read about in the newspapers is Black Helicopter’s narrators. It’s an amazing book with a deep, dark, scary viewpoint.

I’m in utter and completely awe of this. So I will stick with my original review on Goodreads of this:




Do your self a solid and take a few hours to read this baby. It’s short and will change your mind about a lot of things.



To read a well articulated review of this, because I completely failed at it, visit The Midnight Garden’s website.

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